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"Field Archery News UK" is an online magazine covering all aspects of the wonderful sport of field archery in all its forms - bringing together individuals, clubs, archery societies, suppliers, products and more! FAN UK magazine covers as many aspects of field archery as possible and gives archers in the UK & worldwide the chance to share their news, shoot dates, shoot reports, articles of interest, club & archery history, targets, rounds, bow styles, equipment, achievements, views and inputs. It also brings all versions of field archery together in one place to celebrate and promote our sport, while providing a central location for clubs to share their events & contact details and suppliers to share their products with archers. 

Published bi-monthly, FAN UK is the ONLY multi-association global field archery magazine and it is researched, edited and produced by just one person whose aim is to bring all organisations & societies together in one place to celebrate, promote and share our wonderful sport with archers, clubs and enthusiasts across the UK and worldwide.

So far "FAN UK" has had contributions from 212 different clubs, 62 different societies, associations & organisations and is being accessed by site members in 93 countries, nations & territories and this is growing with each & every edition - I'm very proud of FAN UK magazine's diversity :-) The magazine is FREE to all site members globally and it is FREE for all clubs to promote their shoots and share information within the magazine, on the FAN UK website and via the FAN UK Facebook, Instagram & Twitter pages.

​If you would like to contribute shoot reports, club contacts, event calendar inclusions or other articles to the magazine

I  would be delighted to hear from you! Just email me - Hels - on

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